Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Journey

This is the year in which both of my children are officially adults. When you raise a child, you always imagine how your child(ren) will turn out. Will they go to college? What will they be when they grow up? But all the while you are praying for success in all areas of their life. As of right now, I can say that I am proud of both my children. They didn't grow up with the "best" life but they grew up with love from many people. One of the things that I am grateful for is that I was never alone. On paper, my household is considered a "single parent home" but that's not the life my children have experienced. They were surrounded by a village of people of loved and sacrificed for them. People who helped shape and mold them into the young man and woman that they are today. I am appreciative to those that stood in the gap when a parent wasn't available.
Parenting is a struggle, regardless of the household dynamic. Life has it's way of throwing things into the mix that makes you work harder sometimes, financial issues, health problems, or just not enough time in the day. But, we make it through. I made it through just like many others.
 As life continues, I hope and pray that my children will share the things that they have learned with others, that they become a part of someone else's village to extend love and support just as they have received. My time of full time parenting is almost over, but you know what.....I've enjoyed this journey and look forward to the vacation ahead. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Intentional Prayer

As a single parent, my prayer is always "Lord, Help Me with....." but I find myself praying for random things. Not that those things aren't needed but what I have noticed is that those prayers lack some intentional purpose. Now you're probably thinking "what do you mean". Well, let me explain.

I have two children and my desire is to see them grow up to become the man and woman that God has called them to be. When I pray, I pray for their protection, their safety, that they are reminded that they are a child of God but I've noticed that I have been truly intentional about praying for their walk in Christ. I'm grateful that both of my children have accepted God as their Lord and Savior, but like most of us, we're on fire for a short time, then life comes along and distracts us, then it takes a painful moment to remind us that we need God. I know that I need to do better. I need to be constantly praying that God prepares me to share His Word to my children. I need to be in my Word so that I know what to share to my children. I also need to be in constant prayer that my children will be open to receive what God has given me to give to them. We shall all be encouraged by each other's growth.

Although my children are teenagers, it's never to late to pray for their growth in the Lord. I take this moment to say that I will do better with being intentional with prayer. Not just in my children's lives but also in the lives of those around me.

Be Blessed

This post was inspired by Romans 1:1-15