Friday, February 11, 2011

Acceptance vs Rejection

In life we will face many things and cross many paths. Two of which are acceptance and rejection. There will be times when we apply for certain things (college, jobs, positions) and the response will either be, you have been accepted for____ or sorry but at this time we're not able to offer you_____. How we respond to either answer really displays the full character of who we are. When some people are accepted into position, they become arrogant and have a high and mighty attitude. When some are rejected, they become angry, bitter, and sometimes jealous. Is that how we should act? I think not.
Let me take it further. In the Christian walk, we were called to be God's child. We didn't have to submit a resume, sit down for an interview, or ask 3 people if they would mind being a reference. All we had to do was accept His invitation. Now that we're in, it's time to work. In this walk we are called to work in certain areas and to hold different positions. God has blessed us with talents and gifts to use for His glory, not ours. Everyone is not called for leadership and that is something that we must accept. There are many times when we feel that since God has blessed us with a certain talent or gift that we ought to work or be in a certain position. Not necessarily. For instance, God may have given you the talent to sing. Well just because you can sing doesn't mean He wants you to lead the choir. Maybe He wants you in the choir making a joyful noise along with His other children. Maybe God has blessed you to teach. Well you feel that you should teach the young adults and God is saying, "NO, I want you to teach the children" (or maybe "I want you to teach your children). There are times when God wants you to actually do work in your own home with your family rather than in other places (ie church, school, job, etc). God doesn't give us talents and gifts just to use outside the home, use them in your home. Teach your wife, husband, children, cousins, etc the Word of God. Sing songs of praise while you're cooking dinner. Shout for Joy when you walk in your front door (you have a door to walk into). Turn off the TV and pray just because it's 7pm. Just because a door doesn't open up when and where we want it doesn't mean that we are being rejected. God isn't rejecting you, He is just telling you that he has something else that He wants you to do.
There are times when certain individuals are in a position where they feel is best and they do not use it for His glory. In 3rd John 1:9-10, Diotrephes had a leadership position and he was also very arrogant. He used his position for himself and not for the Lord. When we go into positions that "we" feel that is best for us (not going where God wants us), we could cause trouble and hinder others from doing the work or receiving a Word from the Lord. When God calls us, we must humble ourselves. We must understand that we are merely instruments that are being used for His purpose. Let God use you! Allow Him to lead and place you where He wants you. All that we do, we must work together to serve one purpose....God.
Be Blessed!

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