Monday, February 7, 2011

Racial Ignorance

I was reading a blog by Sister Teri Brooks " Racist or just "comfortable"? Racial Division in the church" and it sparked something inside me. People who know me know that race is a very sensitive issue with me. I DON'T LIKE IT! I really hate when race is an excuse for ignorance or lack of acceptance. Now let me say this, I know that discrimination exists and I am not naive to think that it's going to end anytime soon. My point for this blog is again, I hate it when race is used as an excuse.
My parents raised me with the understanding that I could be whatever I wanted and that I could do whatever I wanted as long as I put my mind to it. Growing up, I heard comments and was called certain names based on race (yellow, oreo, light bright...just to name a few). Most of it was from African American/Black people (however one wants to be addressed.....that is a whole different issue in itself). I didn't let that make or break me. I kept it moving.
In early adulthood I noticed how some of the things I dealt with as a kid and teenager still continued and it began to irritate me. One of the biggest things that irritate me the most is when people say "you're acting white" or "you're acting black". Can someone PLEASE define acting white/black? How come no one ever acts Asian, Hispanic, Cuban, etc. It's either black or white and then people will always make it look like acting "black" is a negative thing. So, because I speak proper English, don't act like I'm from the hood (I'm NOT), or use ghetto slang every other word, I'm acting "white"? That right there will start an argument with me, even if you are my friend or family member. Again, the sad part about it is that it's coming from African Americans/Blacks. At times like this, I would immediately challenge someone to define black and white and then tell me how I should or should not act. That is when I would get the typical response, "oh you know I was just playing" or "you know what I meant". I would tell them that I didn't understand and would like for them to explain themselves and that is when the argument would start and I would win (sorry...pride moment....forgive me) because they couldn't justify what they were saying. Then people like to go further and say "the man is holding me down". Really? Most people who use that excuse either dropped out of school, got in trouble for doing something wrong and stupid, or just being lazy (just to name a few). Race is not an excuse for failure!!
What's even more crazy is that it exist in the church (referring back to the article written by Sister Brooks) a place where we should unite for one purpose, God. People, we are all going to be together one day praising God for who He is (that is if you're saved). If God cared so much about our race then why are there so many races? If it were meant for us to be the same, then God would have made us that way. I am so glad that He didn't. I am glad that we are all different. That's the spice of life. Because we are different, we can learn from one another. Being different allows ways for us to love each other more, give, receive, show kindness, etc. We learn all these things to be more like Him.....Christ.
Don't let race be a factor of ignorance but use it to accept who you are. Embrace your heritage, love who you are and love others just because........Christ did it for us.


  1. There is one body and one Spirit, just as you (all) were called to one hope when you (all) were called; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.

  2. Sheff, how can we get Christians to understand that point?

  3. I feel you sis! Truth the fact that you can categorize a church as a black or white or hispanic or asian church is a problem within itself! Perhaps being intentional maybe churches need an diversity outreach committe and/or minister!

  4. Local church should be reflective of the area it sits in. There is some variation to that in america because we have the ability to travel long distances to do things we enjoy. As to your question though getting people to understand that we are no longer jew/gentile, slave/free, babarian etc. is through the Gospel.

    Until His redemption for humanity is not just about you, then "we" is always a secondary idea to "I." And there is why you have color distinctions, even from people whose ancestors might have been on the same plantation but had a different work schedule.