Monday, April 25, 2011

When there's nothing nice to say

For the past couple of weeks I have been in a writers block, so I thought. I began a blog a little while ago and after I had written a couple of sentences, I realized that my words came across very negative. I stopped and erased everything. At that point I decided that since I didn't have anything nice to say, then I wasn't going to say anything at all. Well, I have realized that maybe what I had to say could actually encourage someone. Sometimes just knowing that you're not alone in a situation helps you to fight/push harder.
There are times in the single parent life where you feel all alone. Yes we know that there are people to support us, but there are those times when we feel that no one can really understand what we're going through. Especially when the other parent isn't doing their part (time, communication, financially, etc). During this time of feeling alone, we tend to think about how we got to this point. Well, I was at that point. I've allowed my frustrations and anger take charge of my thoughts. What I should have done was turn the situation over to God. Carrying around anger in your heart does nothing but adds an extra burden to your life. Don't add anything that will cause more stress.....LET IT GO! Yes, I will learn to take my own advice, lol.
It's funny how you know what you're suppose to do but instead you do the opposite. When will we ever learn.

Be Blessed.

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