Monday, December 12, 2011

The Other Parent

Many single parents are in the situation to where you are probably feuding with the other parent. Regardless who has custody, there is a battle. It all comes down to expectations. Each parent has some sort of expectation(s) for the other. The expectations usually come down to finances and time. In other words, child support and visitation. The custodial parent expects the non-custodial parent to pay a certain amount of child support regularly and to spend time with their child(ren) and the non-custodial parent expects the custodial parent to use the child support a certain way and to spend a certain amount of time with their child(ren). When those expectations aren't met, the battle begins. Usually this brings on other issues that we expect the other to deal with and adjust to. It's an on going battle until one gives in and submits to the other. But how often does this happen?

I've learned throughout my time as a single parent to lower my expectations. Not to say that the other parent isn't meeting them, it's just so that I can stop myself from being upset. I also realized that eventually the children will see and come to understand what is going on. I just need to do my part. I also must be an example as well. Being an example means to show respect at all times and to love when I don't want to. Yes it gets hard but it's not about me.  As time passes, it gets easier. The headache also decreases, lol. Are there times when the other parent frustrates me.....YES, but I learn to put it in God's hands.

God continues to remind me to love. God reminds me that He is loving me when I do things that He doesn't want me to do. God is the perfect parental role model. When things get rough with the other parent, think about how God loves you. Think about the times when God, our Father, guided you through your circumstances. Think about how His love, restores. Hopefully this will give you peace and the strength to make it through the times of single parenting and struggles of dealing with the other parent.

Be Blessed!

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