Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hypocrisy at its best

This morning I woke up and turned on the news, Fox 4 KC, as I do daily and was immediately confused when I heard Mark Alford and Lauren Halifax asking viewers to respect the family at this time and to please bear with them...that this is a time for family. So for an hour I have been watching the news trying to figure out what they were talking about until I received a phone call. A friend of mine called and informed me that meteorologist, Don Harman, has passed away. I was immediately saddened by the news. I truly enjoyed watching him on the news and listening to weather reports in the past on radio stations. He was a true character and a ray of sunshine on the show.
As I was watching the news, another friend sent me a message regarding hypocrites. As I was responding, something hit me. Although the news isn't intentionally acting in hypocrisy but what they are doing regarding the passing of their own friend/family/co-worker is hypocrisy at its best! They are asking viewers to respect the family and to bear with them as this is a time for family. I had to let out a sarcastic chuckle on that. I'm thinking about the many people who may have dealt with something and the News Stations didn't respect that family's wishes.
In 1998 my family had to suffer through a painful loss of a family member by a tragic accident. My younger cousin was accidentally shot by a family member in my home. By the time the hospital called and declared my cousin as deceased, there were several news stations at my home. We pleaded with the news stations to not show our home, not to request for interviews, basically to allow our family to process what had just happened and let us deal with the loss of a loved one. One of the responses that we received was "we're going to do this story". Anger arose within. Some news stations did leave and ask what we could do at a later time. Some followed family members to different areas (police stations, hospitals, etc). We allowed a vigil to occur down the street from our home and we attended. Of course the news stations were very much present. Later that night we watched the news (flicking through different stations) and saw the many attempts to get to our home....disrespecting our family's wishes. We saw how the news interviewed neighbors, asking what type of family we were. I am very thankful for our neighbors. We've heard many positive compliments and received much support.
During this WHOLE time, it felt that we were hounded and bombarded by the media. This morning to hear the news station request respect from it's you see where my sarcastic chuckle came from, hypocrisy at its best. Yes, I understand that the reporters are only doing their job. The News is THE NEWS. Will this incident change the response for future reports? Maybe.....then again, maybe not.

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