Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This thing called Life

That moment when someone ask you 'how are you' and you don't know how to answer....I am in that moment. You don't want to say 'bad' because things aren't really that bad. You don't want to say 'good' because things could be better. You don't want to say 'okay' because it may get followed with the question 'what's wrong' and there really isn't anything wrong. I've learned that when this moment comes the best answer is 'I'm living'.
Sometimes we get caught up in this thing called 'LIFE' that we forget to stop and focus on important things like family, friends, relationships, laughter, fun, etc. We get caught up in a routine and that can make us tired, stressed, and have that 'blah' feeling. Well I have a suggestion, whenever you find yourself in that 'I'm living' moment, immediately find something different to do. Find something that will make you laugh. Call someone and be annoying....(DeLano, if you're reading this...get ready for your phone call). Take a short walk. Send someone an email/text just to say hi. Smile to a random person and ask them how they are doing. Basically, do something out of your norm. Find something that will remind you that life is not a routine, it's something that is vibrant, no matter what situation or circumstance you're in. God has blessed you with the ability to live another day so be a blessing to someone else.
Live life happy knowing you're in the care of the Father.

Be Blessed!!

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