Monday, September 8, 2014


OMG, it's been forever since I have written. I was reviewing my blog post and my last post (the one before this one) really encouraged me. Guess why....I am in that moment again, lol. So I am deciding to write and hopefully encourage someone.

As you know being a single parent has its ups and downs. It is football season for my son so my Friday nights are dedicated to his games. I do enjoy them. I love sitting in the stands cheering for him and his team regardless if they win or lose. But when it's all over I realize, that the next day my life is devoted to something else and then Sunday I am busy with ministry and then preparing myself for the week. My life is a routine of being dedicated to other things and people. When I take time for myself I begin to feel bad, like I am letting others down for not being there. But here's the funny part....I encourage others to take time for themselves and I am not following my own advice!! For now on, when I take time for myself, I am going to enjoy it.

Be Blessed!

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