Monday, March 16, 2015

Free Yourself

As a single parent we get frustrated. We become frustrated with the our child's behaviors, doing things on our own, and the other parent. I want to deal with frustration with the other parent.

Being a single parent and watching others I've noticed how easily frustrated we become when the other parent does things that are not up to our standards. You want to go right, they go left. You want to go up, they go down. You want to say yes, they say no. When we hurt, we want them to feel the same way. It seems like a constant battle. What I've learned is to not focus on the other parent. Your job is to focus on the upbringing of your child. You just make sure that you are providing the right care and giving your child the proper tools to use on their life's journey. When you begin to focus on the whys (why don't they feel like this, why do they do this, why are aren't they doing...) you've taken your eye off what is most important, the child. Yes, what I am saying is easier said than done but it's a learning process. It took me a while to get to that point in my parenting journey but I did it and that is why I can share this with you. Take some stress out your life and give it to GOD! When those moments arise, immediately ask God to take over and then add it to your prayers. As time goes by you'll notice how the actions of the other parent no longer bother you. You will feel that sense of freedom from the stress and frustration that was once there.

Free Yourself!!!

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