Tuesday, December 16, 2014

VH1's Sorority Sisters in MY Opinion

When I heard that there was a reality tv show being produced called Sorority Sisters, I immediately cringed. I knew that this was going to be a hot mess. I did sign the petition over the summer in attempt to stop the production of the show but as we see, we failed. So the show aired and let me tell you, all I could do is shake my head. I am a member of the Divine 9 and I can tell you from experience that we do not act like the women on television. I am proud to say that I am involved in an organization with many successful women of all ethnicities who stand on a foundation of great morals and principles. The ladies of the D9 do not walk around throwing out our greek letters for show or to gain a status, we wear our letters to support what we believe in. The ladies of the D9 do not purposely disrepect other ladies of the D9 just because we did not join the same organization. I do not feel that I am better than others because I am a part of the D9. I chose to be a part of a sisterhood that I share the same beliefs with, to join an organization that desires to promote education and empower young ladies, develop strong women, and to stand side by side with other women, my sisters, to promote love and positivity. But what I saw on TV was a mess. I witnessed women tearing each other down, using the names of the D9 to validate themselves, and disregard the things that OUR D9 founders fought so hard to achieve. After watching the first episode, I will say that I do not desire to watch the season of this show. I hope that these ladies are prepared for the backlash that they will receive once National Headquarters gets a hold of this.

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