Thursday, December 9, 2010

From Girl to Womanhood

This is to all the parents that have daughters. Since giving birth 11 years ago to my daughter I am still trying to understand what my parents went through while raising me. As I watched (still watching) my little girl grow older, I knew that I would soon be coming to the time that she would transition to womanhood. I kept telling myself, maybe it'll come later in life or maybe it won't come at all! Yeah, I know, wishful thinking. Well, once I start noticing my child developing I began to feel so much more protective and scared about that thing coming. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT THING IS! Anyways,  I began to remember how I was at the age of 11. I want to believe that I still played with dolls, jump rope, hopscotch on the playground, but in all reality, that is the time where those things seem childish and other things still seem to mature to do. So my daughter is caught up in crossroads all the while I am praying for something to never come. Well, it came and to much my surprise, I didn't fall out crying!! She also handled it pretty well herself. Initially she was shocked (as expected) but she went through her first week very well. So now that I have overcome that hurdle, I know that I have many more to come. So as much as we don't want our little ones to grow up, we still need to be very prepared for the time of transition and change. Think about your past, childhood, how you would want to be addressed when new things cross your path.

Side note.....raising a boy is SO MUCH EASIER.


  1. Welcome to the blog world. I wish they would all stay little for a long time...

    Ok I just considered the implications of that and its not sucha pleasant concept either. I suppose there is something intangibly rewarding about observing them grow up before you that does something to our own maturing also. From God's vantage point I wonder if He admires our transitions when our children hit their transitions. Watching our hurdles as we anticipate hurdles of our children. Eh. My kids are to young to speak inteligently on anything much more do I assume that I have got much right.

    What I do know or expect rather is a lot more writing from your blog. Keep it up. Good start. Write often and post some of them too.

  2. Hey little cuz (yes you are still my little cuz)
    Your daughter is very blessed to have a mom like you. Whether it is those things your grandmother taught you or the little things your mom use to tell you that got on your last nerve, you have as they use to say "mother wit" in you. My mom is my best friend in the world. We didn't always have that type of relationship, but it is nothing like a mother daughter bond. Always stress to that little angel of yours that she can talk to you about ANYTHING.
    Keep blogging girlfriend. I'll check in on you again soon.
    I love you. Your cousin DeEtte (Michigan)
    Hey I hear those boys are easier (smile)