Monday, December 13, 2010

Is it really sacrifice?

Part of being a parent is making sure that you spend quality time with your family. That in itself becomes a challenge. When you're a single parent, it's much more challenging. There is something or someone that suffers because of something else. Parents, we use that word "sacrifice" when we give up one thing for another. But how much are we really sacrificing? I think about how much time we, parents, give up for our children but what are we giving up for that closer relationship with God? I had to check myself several times. As I looked back on things that I've done and the things that I am doing, I've realized that I haven't given God the time that He deserves. I was able to adjust my schedule for work, sports, cheer, TV (DVR.....I can watch that at ANY time), rehearsals, friends, family, etc, but I never adjusted my time for one on one time with God. Children rely on their parent's time for their wants and needs. Children also need that assurance in knowing that their parent(s) is there for them at all times. We, Christians, look at God in that same manner. We want Him to be there at all times, especially at our beck and call. With that being said, is it too much to ask to set a time DAILY to spend quality time with the FATHER? Not at all. I think back at times when my children ask me for things. Whenever I walk in the door from wherever, my children's first questions are usually, "Momma, can we have......." or Momma can we go......" or "Momma will you buy/get/take us.......". My usual responses are, "um, can you say hi first? or Would you like to know how my day went?  or Why do you need to ask for something whenever you come to me?" They usually just stand there and stare at me trying to figure out what to do next. That's kind of how we are with God. We're quick to run to Him when we want something ;"Lord I need......", or "Lord please bless me with......."; or "Lord if you will just......". We do things and want God to do what we ask immediately but have we taken the time out to say "Hi" to God? We expect for God to know our hearts just as children expect us to just know that they mean no harm when they do what they do. Relationships require regular communication, time, and effort. God has given that to us and is ready for the relationship to grow. Are you ready to make the sacrifice to give that to Him? Are you willing to give up__________(you fill in the blank) to build that relationship with God? Next time you go to God and ask for something, think about your last conversation with Him. Did you ask Him for something? Did you thank Him for what He has previously done for you? Better yet, when was the last time you talked to Him? Make a real sacrifice for Father, our parent.


  1. I recall someone saying we are more satisfied with His presents than His presence. But that is positionally how we typically treat most people isn't it? Satisfied with seeing someone as long as they have brought something with them. Even their physical presence supercedes the very essence of their being: I like you around more because of what you do than who you are. What a missed opportunity for both (or a group involved.) Its like walking up to the grand canyon and settling for looking at a post card of it. Neither the canyon gets to know you and you never get the depth of the beauty of the canyon.

    And God is much deeper. You've reminded me what is at stake "regular communication, time, and effort." I've got to remember the time part and perhaps then my efforts will be better directed. I suppose your perspective and vantage point reminds me that having to parents in the house should yield a colabored effort at time with God. I can see how it might be more difficult raising two exclusively. (I dare say "alone" lest I remove the one person you have centered as the whole of this entry.)

    You've made a key reminder of how important this relationship is. Seems to me maybe its going to affect others also? What do you think?

  2. I pray that when people see this, it will give them a different perspective on how they view their relationship with God. I hope that people will see HIM for who HE really is.

  3. This is awesome cousin! I didnt know that you had a blog...I really enjoyed reading this today. It's funny how GOD speaks to you through others. Being that I am a new single parent I get caught up in the daily distractions of being "mommy" and miss out on the quality time with God that I should be spending. I have gotten better at this more recently, but I know that GOd wants MORE of my time and more of me. Thank you for have inspired me to focus more on strenghtening my relationship with him and to possibly start a blog myself ;)