Thursday, March 10, 2011

Special Moments

You know, there are times in every parent's life that their child does something that only a parent (grandparent, guardian, aunt/uncle, etc) could love. Today I attended my son's school's talent show. My initial thought was 'who has a talent show on a Thursday morning at 8am?' To answer that's Bernard Campbell Middle School. Anyhoo, I do thank God for allowing me to have a job that has flexibility so that I can attend events at such strange times. So, for the past couple of days my son has been rehearsing constantly (oh by the way...he plays percussion so, anything that remotely looks like a drum stick was beaten against anything that made a noise). He also felt the need to remind me every 30 minutes to bring my video camera to record his performance. One day, he, along with many other children, will understand that they don't have to ask their parent(s) to record them, this is something that we love to do....basically so that we can show everyone how talented we think our child is (thank God for new technology). OK, back to the show. So, I sat there and watched some children beat on chairs, play out of tune, sing off key, and dance off beat. The audience, consisting of a few parents, staff, and all  of the students that attend the middle school, enjoyed every moment of it. We cheered and clapped after each performance, no matter how many mistakes were made. At the end of the show, I realized...there are times during parenthood that no matter how bad something sounds or looks, that if your child is a part of it, that is one of the most special moments in your life.
If you're raising a child, helping someone raise a child, caring for a child at anytime (baby-sitting, visits, etc), enjoy every moment you spend with that child. Those small moments are actually very special moments that the child will one day look back on and remember that you were there to share it with them.

Be Blessed.

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