Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thank You

Throughout life, we'll come across many people. Some will be there for a moment and some will be there for a lifetime. Some will cause havoc, while others will comfort. Some will laugh and cry with you and some will make you laugh and cry. There are some people who you rarely talk to and then there are those that you talk to everyday. Sometimes it seems as though the ones that you don't talk to daily are the ones whom you're very close with. I have friends and family that are my encourager, cheerleaders, support and help. There are some that I talk to daily and then there are some that I only talk to weekly, monthly, or yearly. But all in all, they all serve some sort of purpose in my life as I do in theirs. I thank God for friendships and relationships that have been established throughout my life here on earth. Sometimes I don't understand why He placed a certain person in my life during a certain time, but I do know that it all works out in His timing.

Appreciate those that God has placed in your life (good/bad). Some of those people have made you stronger. Some may have caused you to be humble when you were arrogant (we all have those moments). Some may have shown you the true meaning of friendship and love. Take the time and tell someone "thank you" for allowing God to use them in your life. Thank God for allowing you all to cross paths.

Be a blessing to others.