Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Building Relationships

There are many reasons why one becomes a single parent; child out of wedlock, divorce, death, adoption/guardianship, caring for a child, etc. In which ever way it happened....it happened. Now the burden is on you to fill the parental role that has been designed for two. Sometimes this parental role is extremely tough. For a single mother, it would be hard for her to display a father's love as well it would be hard for a single father to display a mother's love. This is where you show strength in looking at others. Not to fill the void but to support you in the parental process.

I am a single mother of two, a son and daughter. Not having a male in the home can become difficult. Who is going to teach my son how to be a man? Who is going to show my daughter the genuine love from a man? I can only do so much. As I ask myself those questions, I began to think about the people in our lives. My children are blessed to be able to have a father that is still a part of their lives. But it doesn't stop there. My children have god-parents that have been nothing but a gift from God. Through their god-parents, my children get a sense of what marriage is suppose to look like. Their god mother, Theresa Sheffield, is a model of a godly wife, not only for my daughter but for me (if God leads me in that direction). My daughter will be able to see how a godly wife should serve her family. Their god father, DeLano Sheffield, is a model of a godly husband. My son will be able to see how a man should lead his home and treat his wife in the way God has designed it to be. Then there are other role models, our Youth Pastor, Antoine Richardson. I've entrusted my children to Pastor Richardson's hands on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings to help their spiritual growth and development. Through that, a relationship has grown. My children are able to see another example of a godly man, husband, and father. His wife, Dr. Sequita Richardson, displays the characteristics of a godly wife, mother, friend, and physician. I've been able to entrust her with our family's health physically and spiritually. Then there are friends who know you're struggling and don't ask questions....they just do. I don't want to start listing names because I don't want to leave anyone out. Last but not at all least....FAMILY. My father has not only been PaPa to my children but another father figure as well. It would take another blog entry to talk about my dad.

I say all of this to say....build godly relationships with others. Earlier I said that there are several ways that one becomes a single parent. Be a support to others as well. God has not designed for the Christian walk to be lonely so don't live life that way.

Be Blessed!

Be Blessed!!

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