Friday, November 18, 2011

Grieving Child

Life has it's way of throwing curve balls when you least expect. One of those curve balls is death. Yes, we all know that death is a part of life but when it hits's a whole different ballgame. On November 17, 2011 my children, along with hundreds of other people, began to grieve a loss of a loved one...Waylon Greene. My children attended school with Waylon and have developed a really close friendship with him. As I spoke to my children about it, I began to notice the heartache and sadness in their voices. My daughter was closer to Waylon than my son but my son expressed hurt because his sister was hurting. The only thing my son could think about was his sister's sadness. That speaks volume for the love that they have for one another. This is not the first death of a friend that my children have experienced. This is the third death of a friend in 6 months. How do you deal with that??
As I am thinking and praying about ways to comfort my children, I began to think of God's love for us. These three children died for a reason unbeknownst to men. Then I thought to myself....I wonder if these children knew God? Were they saved? Did someone take the time out to share the Gospel with them? Although these moments are very sad and heartbreaking, the work of the Lord must continue. I will continue to encourage my children to share the Gospel with their friends and others they come into contact with.
As I speak about encouraging my children to share the Gospel, I want to encourage you as well.

Be Blessed.


  1. A reminder to assure that he children we do know have heard about our savior.

  2. You have very deep blogs. I like! -Aledra