Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What are you leaving behind?

As I sit and reflect on people that have passed on, I wonder.....what am I leaving behind? What is my legacy? How will people remember me?
There have been many professional entertainers that have passed on, but the death of Heavy D really got to me. As I reflect on him, I remember growing up and dancing to his music. Not only me, but my mother, father, brothers and other family members as well. He had music that the whole family could listen to. True hip hop. He sang songs about how he wants to love and find that one that will lead to happiness. I also think about how he was on several television shows and he was the same guy....a man full of smiles. His presence will surely be missed. Other things that were going on during the time of his death was the trial for Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor for the legendary pop artist, Michael Jackson. As I reflect on the death of Michael Jackson, yes the first thought was WOW, he was a real icon. But then I began to think on the trials that he faced throughout his life and then I began to think about his spiritual life. It was reported that Michael Jackson was a Jehovah Witness. Thinking about that is when my heart began to sink. There is only one way into heaven and that is through Jesus. So, there's the speculation on whether or not he's with the Father.
I used these two major icons because they were well known for their contribution to the entertainment/music scene. They were a major influence and role models to many. Thinking about all of this made me ask myself, when I go on to glory, what will I leave behind?
Being a single parent, I had to work a little harder when it came to raising the children. My children will remember me being at their games, working two jobs to provide for them, coming to school functions, and will share many disciplinary stories. But will they remember me praying for them? Will they remember how I allowed God to use me to lead them to Christ? Will they say, "mom really loved the Lord"?
The most important thing that I can think to leave behind is the love of Christ. If I can share his love with others then I have really left something that is significant for others. Yes, the other things sound good but having the comfort of knowing that someone is with the Lord provides a sense of peace for healing and hope for others to know that one day you will be reunited with that person. Jesus left the most greatest gift behind.....Himself. His legacy exceeds any other. Because of Him, we have the opportunity to live for eternity.
As you live the rest of your days, think about what you're leaving behind.

Be Blessed

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